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“This isn't your typical Jam, in a large parking lot where pockets of friends and cliques ride alone in different parts of the parking lot, far away from one another. This circle will force riders of all levels to ride with one another and push each other, young and old alike. The new rider who might be intimidated to ride in front of the experts and pros, will feel welcome and safe to do whatever he/she is capable of doing on the bike, while also being in a space where some of the the highest level of riding will go down. We see this in breakdance culture but rarely happens in flatland, and I hope this event helps change that. Yes, every riding level will have an opportunity to compete for bragging rights and cash, but first and foremost, the Jam Circle is designed to bring ALL riders together, for the love of Flatland." - Hector Garcia / Jam Circle Creator & Organizer   For more info visit:
Huff Jam 2023!! July 29th Winston-Salem, N.C. For Riders by Riders! Details to follow...