Sean Porter - Gilbert, Az

131934409 758323325031331 477842274433338746 n 2Name: Sean Porter
 Age: 49
Hometown: Gilbert, Az
Sponsor: Myself. Owner of Flat Society

Spot To Ride: Local B-Ball Courts
Video: Landscapes Flatland Series

Website: haha & flatmattersonline.com131976363 3014107682024136 3654504906144278130 n 2
Web Video: Too many to list. I post new ones daily on flatsociety F.B. Page & Insta
Person on Instagram to Follow: @cheflatland, @lizardk1ng, @flatland_ed and @crookedhitchhiker 
Travel Destination: Hawaii, Oahu to visit fellow riders & Hawaii Island to explore
Riders to ride with: Viki Gomez, Martti Kuoppa, Dane Beardsley, & Pedro Melo.
Car: My Truck (2019 Toyota Tacoma) because I can haul bikes & gear around lol
Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Color: Blue

Shoes: Adidas
Bike Company: S&M, Deco, & RNC
BMX Contest: BMX Worlds in Cologne
Bike Shop: & coming soon:
Restaurant Chain: Del Taco
Clothing Company: My own gear: Flat Society
Phone: Android S20
Music: Electronic, Classic Rock & Old School HipHop

Ramp Rider: Jamie Bestwick
Street Rider: Brad Simms
Dirt Rider: Mike Hucker132014433 786279248770219 7118472759039246575 n 2
Flatland Rider: That's a hard many different styles...
Old School Rider: Dennis McCoy
Drink: XS Energy Drink
Trick: Hitchhiker or Backpacker variations
BMX Filmer: SeVisual
Girl: My Wife ha
Sport Besides BMX: Mtn Biking