Diabolic Titanium Pivotal Bolt

Diabolic Titanium Pivotal Bolt

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  •   Machined from aerospace grade 5 titanium
  •   50% lighter then original solid heavy steel bolt
  •   Weighs only 14 grams
  •   Lifetime warranty to original owner
  •   Will never rust

Removing your stock pivotal bolt.

 Step 1. Remove seat from post. 

Step 2. Now with bolt exposed. Push pivotal bolt up through top of seat w/ 3/8 extension or large screw driver. Be careful not to force it out, you can rip the pivotal bolt flap if you push too hard.

Use flat head screw drivers to pry foam & pivotal opening around bolt head as you work the bolt through top of seat. Similar to removing a tire. 

Step 3. Now install titanium bolt just as you did in reverse. Using flat head screw driver to pry seat foam and flap around top of bolt head until the bolt can be exposed enough to thread onto pivotal post. 

Step 4. Tightening the bolt will finish pulling the bolt to the bottom of your seat. Don't forget to use anti seize compound on the threads & proper 6mm allen wrench.